F.A.C.N. is a Pretoria Based Access Control Systems service provider. Our biometrics access control systems are designed to permit the free flow of authorised movement into, around and out of any site, whilst denying entry to unauthorised personnel.

Each customer’s needs are different and we recognise this fact and is able to provide a fully customised solution, from Palisade fencing to sophisticated card reader controlled mantraps with camera surveillance.


  • Designed to suit your needs
  • Free access to authorised people
  • No access to unauthorised personnel.

The terminal matches the employee’s fingerprint with a template containing the employee’s personnel number (a 1:n comparison). The corresponding personnel number is then used in the system.

In practice, a Bedanet 91 20 FP terminal with these settings and approximately 3000 individuals (6000 finger templates) has a response time of less than a second.

The reading system is secured behind glass. You’ll receive a:

  • long lifetime
  • high recognition rate

We are your one-stop BIOMETRIC ACCESS CONTROL service provider in Pretoria.