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As a Nurse Call System provider in Pretoria we offer a wide variety of wireless Nurse Call Systems:

Nurse call systems are used extensively in the health care field. We have installed these systems in hospitals, nursing homes, old age homes and private hospitals.While a wireless nurse call system can be used as a stand-alone system, it is often part of an entire life safety network that encompasses access control, intercom systems and other devices.

The wireless Protektor Nurse Call System consists of Multi function bed call points + Corded handsets, waterproof bathroom call points with call/reset button and pull-cord, multicolour over-door lights, zone protector, mobile wrist alarms and chair/bed anti exit pads.

When a patient needs assistance, simply press the call button. Then the Care station, pagers and multicolour over-door lights will all display the call while the database records all calls for better management. The Care station and pagers will display the call position and the responsible nurse needs to reset the unit where the call originated to cancel the call.


  • Convenient for replacing outdated systems – easy installation
  • Complete solution for elderly care facilities
  • Offers parallel system to installed nurse call for bed management- bed exit is usually higher priority than a normal call
  • Flexibility to cover any size building
  • More price competitive than wired systems.


  • Alert caregivers when a frail or sick patient exits her bed/Chair
  • Eliminate the hazard of a cord between the monitor and pad
  • Customize the ID number for each patient•Use with or without a bed monitor
  • On-pad reset function adds convenience for caregivers when no monitor is used.


  • Prevent patients under your care from wandering off premises
  • Alerts caregiver when patient approaches or opens protected door
  • Available as stand-alone or integrated system


The wireless Eracall retirement and hospital system consist of various transmitters and receivers including display panels and wristwatches to monitor the system. Call buttons can be mounted or even worn by the patient self on a lanyard for mobile use.

The system is extremely user-friendly and cost-effective. The software allows capturing of all activities and necessary information to help motivate staff and their performance. The system comes with a one year guarantee and the most important thing is that it’s easy to use!

We are your one-stop WIRELESS NURSE CALL service provider in Pretoria